Request a new license

Request a new license

Some situations require the reinstallation of Scriptcase, in these cases, the user must generate a new serial on our website to register the tool.

Follow the steps below to generate a new serial: 

1. Log in to the website

The entire process to generate a new serial is carried out on the website, please, have the license owner’s user and password at hand.

On our website, the login button is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

1.1 Login and Password

On this page, enter the License Owner Login and Password.


2. Serials Tab

2.1 After logging in, click on the Serials tab



2.2 Serials List

All serials linked to the account will be listed.
Only serials with Status In Use can be used to request a new serial.

The Status is:
  1. In use: The serial is linked to some Scriptcase. Search for serials with this status to generate a new serial.
  2. Canceled: The serial is no longer available for use. This will be the status of the serial used to generate the new serial.
  3. Open: The serial is available to be registered in some Scriptcase. This will be the status in the newly generated Serial.
Look for a serial with the status In Use and click the Request for New Installation link.
In the image, it is possible to notice that only the serial with a 5SC end is available to be used in the generation of a new serial.


3. Terms of responsibility

In this stage, it will be displayed the serial is canceled for the generation of the new serial in its place.
To proceed, select the reason that led to the request for the new serial and accept the terms of responsibility, checking the I read and accept box.
Then the Request button will be available, and you can go on with the process.
Click Request button and you're new serial will be generated.
Kind reminder that in this process the serial used initially will be canceled for use, and the new serial generated in its place will be used to register the Scriptcase.

4. New Serial

In this step you will receive your new serial.
With the new serial in hand, proceed to the Scriptcase registration. See How to Register my Scriptcase

As seen in step 2, this new serial will be listed along with the others in the Serials tab.

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