Using the sc_field_display macro

Using the sc_field_display macro

To dynamically hide a field in this example, the macro sc_field_display is used, which is responsible for hiding or dynamically displaying a field or several.

This macro has scope in the following events:

In this example, it will be used within an AJAX event of type onChange:

1. The onChange type event is created:

2. Now the macro sc_field_display will be used by means of a condition that is going to hide or show a field dynamically:

3. We save the changes and execute the application

4. When executing all the fields are shown, and also the field "state" which must be hidden by means of the change that is applied to the field "familia_id"

5. Then changing the field "email" and the "customersid" is even, it hides the field "status"

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