Using Languages in Scriptcase

Using Languages in Scriptcase

In Scriptcase you have the option to standardize the language information quickly and uncomplicated. Using the feature you can change LANGUAGES entire textual structure of the project, since this native messages Scriptcase own name to fields and table. Below we give such item can be implemented easily.

On the toolbar select the "Application language".

On the screen that opens you will have the option to edit any information relating to the project. To facilitate your navigation items are separated into "Scriptcase Messages" and "Project Messages", this way is much easier to edit them.

Selecting the "Messages Scriptcase" just click on the type of message you want to edit, and thus open the options available for editing. In the example below we have selected the option "Log".

To finish editing just click the button "Update Messages".

The choice of languages has an initial default configuration that can be used and thus you do not need to manually configure each message, just select the language of design patterns that all messages will be loaded.

Learn more about the benefits of this and other features that Scriptcase, now download the free version of our tool and get started today to enjoy these and other benefits that Scriptcase offers.

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