See how to generate recaptcha credentials

See how to generate recaptcha credentials

ReCAPTCHA is an API provided by Google for forms. It adds security, preventing automatic submission of forms through robots.

reCAPTCHA sample:

  1. First, we must request an API Key to activate reCAPTCHA into a Scriptcase application by following the steps below:

To get a Site key and Secret Key go to the link: See the image:


It is a project identifier to create the reCAPTCHA keys.

Choose the type of reCaptcha
We must choose the option reCAPTCHA V2.


We can insert multiple domains (one per line) to limit the API uses.

  1. Then, we need to accept the Terms of Service ("Accept the reCAPTCHA Terms of Service").

  2. When clicking on Register, the page refreshes and shows the integration of reCAPTCHA information. There we can get the Site Key and Secret Key:

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