Registering your License on Scriptcase

Registering your License on Scriptcase

To register a Scritpcase license, you must have:

  • Your license with status "Open"
  • Your Username used to access the website (Username linked to the license)
  • Your Password used  to access the website ( Regarding the Username that will be used)

If you don't remember your password, click on "Did you forget your user/password?" and follow the steps to reset your password.

Obtaining my Scriptcase License 

If you do not know which license is available for registration, log in to our website with an account used to purchase the tool. Follow the steps below to find your license number.

After login, click on the Serials tab to view your licenses available for registration.

Your list of serials will be displayed, locate your serial with Open status.

Registering my Scriptcase License 

After obtaining the necessary information to register the license, log in to your Scriptcase.

After login, click Help > License Registration.

There are two ways to register your Scriptcase license:

  • Online Registration
  • Offline Registration (Request)

Online Registration

In this option, you inform the user, the password (Used to login to the website), and the license number, then click on "Register".

After clicking Register, the following message will be displayed:

Offline Registration (Request)

Open the Scriptcase and access the "Help > License Registration" section:

After accessing the  "Help > License Registration" section, there will be an option on the left side called "Offline Request", click on it. 

After clicking on "Offline Request", the screen below will appear,  you can inform the user, password and license number and click on "Request".

Click on "scriptcase_v9.req" to download the .req file:

With the file "scriptcase_v9.req" downloaded, go to the Scriptcase website and log in with your username and password in My Scriptcase.

Access the link to see the screen below.

Insert your license number and click on "Select file" to upload the scriptcase_v9.req file. After that click on "Continue".

On the next screen, download the file "scriptcase_v9.lic".

After downloading the "scriptcase_v9.lic" file, you must access the Offline Registration option in Scriptcase.

Now, enter your username, password, license number and select the file scriptcase_v9.lic file downloaded previously. After that click on "Register"

After registering the license, the screen below will be displayed:

Your Scriptcase is now registered!

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