Parallel Installation of Scriptcase

Parallel Installation of Scriptcase

Never delete the directory where you installed your Scriptcase

The procedures in this tutorial, explain only how to install the Scriptcase manually.

We recommend to create a backup of your scriptcase before proceeding the update, in Options->Settings you can perform the backup. Save the .zip file in a local directory, eg:

Step 1: Download the complete scriptcase version in zip format at the site:


Step 2: In a temporary directory eg.:C:/temp, unzip the file, in WINDOWS, with the right button of your mouse choose the option "extract here". Will be create a directory: scripcasexx.xx.xx, with the number version.


Step 3: Rename the directory created for the name that you want (Remember that the folder name have to be different of the folder of your ScriptCase), then copy or Cut the directory for the directory where you installed the your ScriptCase.

Note: Usually, in WINDOWS system, the ScriptCase is installed in C:/Program Files/Netmake/v9/wwwroot/scriptcase. In LINUX system the default directory is /opt/NetMake/v9/wwwroot/scriptcase.


Step 4: Access the directory where you installed, the ScriptCase, and paste the folder that you cut in the previous step

Step 5: Access the new ScriptCase using the browser normally, as if you estivece accessing another Scriptcase, but now you should put the name of new ScriptCase:



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