Optimize website

Optimize website

How to optimize your website?

Step 1

To optimize your website, you first need to access your cPanel dashboard. After logging into cPanel, look for the 'Software' section there you can find the 'Optimize website' item, see:

Step 2

On this next screen you will have some options to optimize your website.

Here are all the options for file compression:

  1. Disabled: No files will be compressed with this option.
  2. Compress all content: All content will be compressed when you choose this option.
  3. Compress specified MiME types: Choose which content types to compress.
You now have the options to compress your website content automatically through Apache. By default this feature is always disabled. We recommend using the “Compress all content” option.
 If you only want to compress some specific files, select the “Compress specified MIME types” option and enter the files you want to compress in the field below. Whenever you make a change, click the "Update Settings" button.

Step 3

This is the last step. After clicking "Update settings" a success message should be displayed on your screen.


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