Offline Documentation

Offline Documentation

Starting with version 9.9.021, Scriptcase documentation is only available on our website, in two languages:

However, some Scriptcase are installed on machines without internet access or that have access restrictions to some external websites, in these cases it will be necessary to configure local documentation.
To this end, we make our manual available in compressed format (.zip).

Follow the steps below:

1- Download documentation zip

1.1- You need to access our website on the documentation page by clicking the link below.

1.2- So to start the download click on the download button 

2- Documentation directory

After downloading, you must move the file to the directory: ../wwwroot/scriptcase/doc

We'll use Windows for the images in this article, but you can follow the same steps regardless of your operating system.

3- Unzip the zip

Now you just need to unzip the zip that was downloaded in step one into this folder.

4- File structure

After unzipping this should be the structure of the files inside the doc folder there should be the manual .zip file and the manual_mp folder

If you already have a directory called manual_mp, simply overwrite the directory and the manual must be updated.

Inside the manual_mp folder there should be the structure below, with the folders: assets, components, manual and some documentation files.

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