How to create a capture link

How to create a capture link

Capture Link: Used for the grid filter form, it imports data from another grid into the filter form field. Selecting the capture link type will display a list of fields in the filter form so that you select the field that will receive the data through the link.

How to do an application link:

  • Open your application and go to the “Application Links” on the side menu.

  • Click the "click here" link or "create new link" to create a new link.

How to do a capture link from a grid, filter or form:

  • Choose the capture link, set the field of the link an click next.

  • Choose the target application and click next.

  • Set the parameters. If you do not want to set parameters just click confirm.

To define parameters in an application link the target application must have the parameters, such as a where clause defined in the sql menu.

Parameter Types:

Field: Used to pass the value of an application field as a parameter.

Fixed value: Used to pass a fixed value as a parameter.

Global variable: Used to pass the value of a global variable, used as a parameter.

No value: by choosing this option no value will be passed as a parameter.

  • Set the field to be returned.

  • Set the properties of the link, if you want to display in a modal you need to put the size.

After this step by step the filter of the grid will show a magnifying glass icon in the field where the link was made, so the user can select the register.

  • It's still possible alter the settings defined and delete a link created.

Properties: Opens the already defined link properties, which changes link behavior, positioning, link opening mode.

Link: Changes a target application and its parameters.

Delete: Deletes the link created.

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