How to change the application's state in run time

How to change the application's state in run time

To change the properties of application execution, changing their form of execution than initially planned, Scriptcase has a macro called sc_apl_conf. The macro should be used as follows:

sc_apl_conf ( Application , property , value ) ;

So, we can force a form to start the inclusion mode , or start a query by the filter , etc. .

The macro can be used by on an application to modify the properties of another application . For example , in a register of request, a Seller may register a new request, but can not change it, this case, we would use a type button "PHP", the code below for register a request.

if ( [ users ] == " Seller " )
     sc_apl_conf ( " apl_request_register " , "update " , "off " ) ;
     sc_redir ( apl_request_register.php ) ;
     sc_redir ( apl_request_register.php ) ;


Below is a table with the properties and values of the macro :


Properties for Form applications


Force the form to open in mode for inclusion of new record
Enables (on) or disables (off) the inclusion of new records
Enables (on) or disables (off) the change of records
Enables (on) or disables (off) the exclusion of records
Disables the display of a field
Enables the display of a field

Force a field to be displayed as "readonly"

Force the amount of lines per page (for only forms multiple lines)
Force the amount of lines of inclusion (for only forms multiple lines)



Properties for Grid applications


Force the grid initiate from filter.
Force the amount of columns (grids of type vertical and slide)
Force the amount of lines per page
Enables (on) or disables (off) the button to edit the registry (pencil)


Properties for all applications


Force the application exit to the "application" or "url" informed


Below are some examples:


Ex1: Force the "my_form" application Starting in the inclusion mode.

sc_apl_conf("meu_formulario", "start", "new");


Ex2: Do not allow the "my_form" application, make adding new records.

sc_apl_conf("my_form", "insert", "off");


Ex3: Displays the "my_field" field of the "my_form" application dynamically.

sc_apl_conf("my_form", "field_display_off", "my_field");


Force the "my_consult" application Starting from filter


Ex4: Force the "my_grid" application Starting from the filter.

sc_apl_conf("my_grid", "start", "filter");


Ex5: Force the "my_grid" application show 20 lines.

sc_apl_conf("my_grid", "rows", "20");


Ex6: Forcing application exit "my_grid" for the application "other_grid".

sc_apl_conf("my_grid", "exit", "other_grid");

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