Hotkeys on Scriptcase

Hotkeys on Scriptcase

Scriptcase offers the ability to create shortcuts for the application functionalities.

The configuration of each shortcut is simple and the same for all browsers. However the way of use is different, each browser is different, and this is independent from Scriptcase.
This feature Scriptcase, lets you use a letter or number to set as shortcut key, since the command is created by the browser.

Follow the steps to perform the configuration of your shortcuts:

1. In the configuration of the application, access the side menu Toolbar,

It will display the following screen:



To configure the hotkeys, simply enter a letter or number in Shortcut key field, since the commands are predefined for each browser

2. Informing the hotkeys.



3. To use the shortcut created, it is necessary to know the shortcut command used by each browser, it does not depend of Scriptcase.

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