Filter on Form Aplication

Filter on Form Aplication

This application filters data that will be displayed on editing forms. This type of application necessarily works linked to a form.

 The table used to create this application must be the same as the one used to create the form.

In this article we will show you how to configure a filter application.


After creating the filter application, using the same table as the form, follow the steps below:



1. First, we must select the fields that will be present in the filter.

    In the application settings, in the side menu access Filter> Field positioning.



2. Next, we must create an application-type connection, with the form that will have the filter.

    To create this link, in the application settings in the side menu go to Links> New Link


3. Next, a list of available applications for creating the filter will be displayed.



4. Now, a screen will be displayed with the fields of the filter to make the association with the fields of the form.


5. Finally, a screen for the connection settings will be displayed.

    With some settings like Link operation mode, which sets the way the filter will be displayed.

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