Enabling Google Drive API on the Google Console

Enabling Google Drive API on the Google Console

This tutorial shows how to create a project and enable the Google Drive API for a specific Google account, and get access credentials.
1) Log in with your Google account in the reserved area where you can configure Google APIs, from this URL: https://console.developers.google.com/apis/library

2) After login select or create a new project

3) Create or select an existing project.

Creating a Project

1 -  Enter a name and the organization your project will be linked to

2 - Then click on the “Select Project” item to access the project.

Enabling API

1) Click on the item “ACTIVATE APIS AND SERVICES”.

2) Search for "Google Drive API", select this option and on the next screen click "ACTIVATE"

3) In the left menu ("APIs and Services"), click on "OAuth Permission Screen".

4) Check the “External” option and click the “Create” button.

5) Enter the name of your application and click on the "SAVE" button.
   NOTE: Leave all other options at their default values.

6) After creating the OAuth consent screen, select the item “Credentials” from the left menu (“APIs and services”)

Click on the “CREATE CREDENTIALS” item.

8) Select the “OAuth Client ID” item

9) Select the “Computer App” option, type the name and click “Create”.

10) Immediately, “Customer ID” and “Secret Key” of the customer will be created. Click OK.

11) After creating the credentials, download the JSON file in the registry that was created.

12) After this procedure, access the scriptcase “API” interface.

- Enter the name of the application created in the OAuth consent screen in the API settings.

- In the JSON OAUTH field, insert the content of the JSON file downloaded in the previous procedure.

NOTE: After entering these values, click on the “AUTH” button.

13) Soon after, select your gmail account again, as the authentication code will be generated. Copy and paste the “authentication code” into the API settings field and click the “SAVE” button

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