Creating Custom Buttons

Creating Custom Buttons

The Scriptcase allows the user customize buttons created or to be created. Therefore, making the experience of creating themes even more exciting. Giving also the option to customize the original themes of Scriptcase.

Follow the tutorial below and find out how easy it is to create new buttons for your theme.

1 - To access the button editing module, you have to go to the superior toolbar: Layout > CSS Buttons

  • It will open a page that’ll be displayed default schemes of Scriptcase.

2 - To start creating your new scheme click on New

3 - After clicking New it’ll be displayed the page of button editing

  • On the tab Button Styles you’ll be able to create a CSS for your button schemes

  • After you set the setting you desire click next, then place a name to the CSS then save.

  • Using the buttons schemes

    • After creating the buttons schemes, it’s necessary to include them to your project. To do that, follow the procedure below.
      4 - Access menu: Tools > Layout > Themes. And add your theme.

  • 5 - To access the editing area click on “Save as”

    6 - Chose a theme name and mode for this new theme.

       7 - Click on Edit.

       8 - Click on Page and change the button CSS to the one you created.

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