Converting Projects to Scriptcase 9

Converting Projects to Scriptcase 9

Scriptcase allows you to port your projects through project chat easily.

Thus, projects developed on any older version of the tool can benefit from all the new features available in version 9.

Check out what's new in version 9.4 on our landing page.

If you have any questions about the Scriptcase 9 installation process, check out this installation tutorial or contact our technical support.

Scriptcase versions on the same machine.


To convert projects, both versions of Scriptcase must be in the same machine.

If your Scriptcase 9 is not installed on the same machine as your previous Scriptcase, we must create a copy of the entire old Scriptcase folder, and place it in parallel with the Scriptcase 9 folder.

See the example below.

  • The old version folder of the tool is named scriptcase8
  • The new installation folder as scriptcase, which is, in this case, Scriptcase 9

Now, we will start the process of converting projects.

Project Converter.


The conversion process is safe and risk free for your projects, however, we recommend a backup before making any actions in your Scriptcase 9 such as converting your projects.

In this step, you already have a properly installed Scriptcase 9 and the folder of your old Scriptcase on the same machine as your Scriptcase 9 installation.

Now, we will proceed with the tutorial.

Accessing the converter

1. Access Scriptcase 9 through your browser of choice.
In Scriptcase, go to the Tools> Converters menu and select the version to be converted.


In Scriptcase 9 it's possible to convert projects created from Scriptcase 6 and onwards. If you have an earlier version, you will need to convert your projects to Scriptcase 6 and later to Scriptcase 9. Start a chat with our Sales Department or with our Technical Support we will be happy to assist you with your project conversion questions.

Old Scriptcase Directory

2. In this step, we must enter the full directory to the Scriptcase folder, as in the example below.

When using the automatic installer with its default configuration, Scriptcase should be located in the following directories according to your operating system.

  • Windows 64 bits >> C:\Program Files\NetMake\v9\wwwroot
  • Windows 32 Bits >> C:\Program Files (x86)\NetMake\v9\wwwroot
  • Linux 32 ou 64 Bits: /otp/NetMake/wwwroot
  • MacOS >> /Applications/Scriptcase/v9


The error *** error access SC_TBPRJ V8 = no such table: sc_tbprj will be displayed if the old Scriptcase base is not found, in that case, please contact our technical support

Project list

3. In this step, existing projects in the previous version will be listed. Select the projects that will be converted and those that will not.

Conflicting Projects

If there are any v8 projects in conflict with v9 projects, they will be listed separately, as shown in the image below.

  • Convert  - The project will not be converted, keeping the project version in v9.
  • Not Convert - The project is converted, and the entire v9 project will be overwritten.

Conversion Log

At the end of the project's conversion, the log screen will be displayed, with all actions performed in the database. To finish it, click exit.


When finalizing the conversion process, it's important to generate the source code of the projects and run their applications. We are not responsible for any problems of an external nature, such as problems with third-party libraries or code used in applications.

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