Connection with MSSQL Database

Connection with MSSQL Database

Scriptcase has 3types of connections that can be used to communicate with Database MSSQL Server.

- MSSQL Server Native SRV PDO

- MSSQL Server Native SRV


1. Connection ODBC (MSSQL Server ODBC)

 This connection may be used on the following Operating Systems.

 - Linux (FreeTDS)

Windows 8

Windows 7

Windows Server 2012

- Windows Server 2008

- Windows Server 2003

- Windows XP


In case you are using linux, a connection is possible with an extension module FreeTDS.

The driver that allows the success to ODBC through PHP is compiled in 32 bit. If you are using Windows 64 bits, it’s necessary to create a ODBC connection using the program “odbcad32.exe” that can be found in the directory “/Windows/SysWOW64/”.




For more details about this connection, click here.

 2. Connection Native SRV and Native SRV PDO (MSSQL Server Native SRV)

This connection can be used on the following Operating Systems:


- Windows 8

- Windows 7

- Windows XP Service Pack 2

Windows Server 2012

- Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1


A Native SRV connection is the most recommend for use on Scriptcase. This type of connection has better performance, also the only one that works perfectly with the field type’s image and document (database).

The installation of these modules is manually and has 2 steps.


Install the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client – sqlncli

Install the Driver – SQLServerDriverForPHP

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