Connection error: error_profile_test_module

Connection error: error_profile_test_module

When we deploy a project and we find this type of error:

"Connection error: error_profile_test_module"

This error normally occurs when you use a different production environment DBMS Type than the development environment.

To solve this, access your development environment and check what is your DBMS Type (Go to Database —> Edit connection —> Selec your database) 

As you can see, in the development environment DBMS Type is different than the Production environment.

Changing DBMS Type in the production environment to the right driver:

The other case may be because the drivers corresponding to the architecture of the server that contains the project are not enabled, that is, you must first have installed the drivers for the connection corresponding to the server architecture (x64 or x86), to enable the driver corresponding to the database that we wish to connect to must follow our documentation of each database for driver installation.


SQL Server





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