Connecting with Firebird on Windows - PHP 7.3

Connecting with Firebird on Windows - PHP 7.3

If you are using a manual installation on Windows, you will need to enable the Firebird extensions in the php.ini file. See below for how to do this.

1 - In the `php.ini` file uncomment the line for the Firebird extension php_pdo_firebird by removing the `;` from the start of the line. See the example below:

2 - Restart the Apache service using the Task Manager

2.1 - Open Task Manager and click on the Services tab.

2.2 - Look for the `Apache2.4` or `ApacheScriptcase9php73` service and right click on this service, then Restart.

1 - Access any project from your Scriptcase.

2 - Click on the New connection icon to create a connection.

3 - Select the Firebird connection.

4 - Enter the parameters for connecting to your Firebird database as follows

  1. Connection Name: Set the name of your new connection. By default, Scriptcase adds the prefix conn along with the database name.
  2. DBMS Driver: Select the Firebird Driver used to connect. In this example we use the Firebird PDO Driver.
  3. Server/Host (Name or IP): Enter the IP or domain of the server where the database is installed.
    Ex: or
  4. Port: Enter the numeric port for your database server.
    Ex: 3050
  5. Database Name: Enter the database created for use by the entered user.
  6. Username: Enter the user to authenticate the connection to your Firebird database.
  7. Password: Enter the password to complete the authentication process.
5 - Click Test Connection button to get a response from Scriptcase request to know if the entered parameters are correct.

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