When manually updating Scriptcase, or making any changes that affect Scriptcase, the user must save certain files through a Backup.

Backup is required to avoid losing Projects and Settings.


There are 3 ways to Backup:

Method 1: Through Scriptcase Settings - Recommended

Method 2: Making a copy of the file "nm_scriptcase.db"

Method 3: Making a copy of the  file "nm_scriptcase.db" through the terminal

The app folder is not a backup for your projects

Method 1 - Through Scriptcase Settings

To make a backup with Method 1, you need to access your Scriptcase environment.
1 - First, we need to access our "Settings" by going to Options > Settings : 

2 - Now, click the "Backup" option, give it a name, then click "Process", as shown in the image below.

3 - After processing the file, the "Download" button will appear, clink the button to download the backup file.

4 - Finally, clicking the button will generate a .ZIP file, which contains the  Backup files.

Method 2 - Making a copy of the file "nm_scriptcase.db"

In this method, we need to use the file manager of your system.

1 - Open your file manager and go to the directory where your Scriptcase main folder is located:


The example below uses Linux. In this example, the Scriptcase's main folder is located in the web environment at: /var/www/html/scriptcase/

2 - Now, inside the folder, access the following directory: devel> conf> scriptcase, inside this directory is located a file called "nm_scriptcase.db".

3 - Finally, copy this file and save it to use later.

Method 3 - Making a copy of the  file "nm_scriptcase.db" through the terminal

In this method, we will use the Linux Terminal.


The example below uses the Ubuntu distribution.

1 - First, we need to open the Terminal,  you can open it with the keyboard shortcut: CTRL-ALT-T.

- In the Terminal, type the following command:

cd /'YourDirectory'/.../scriptcase/devel/conf/scriptcase/

Example of the command above with a directory:

cd /var/www/html/scriptcase/devel/conf/scriptcase/

- Now type the following command:

 cp nm_scriptcase.db /'destination directory'/.../

Example of the command above with a directory:

cp nm_scriptcase.db /home/netmake/Downloads/

4 - Once this is done, the file will appear in the directory used.

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